Here you can see sneak peeks of the upcoming winter collections from OPI, China Glaze, Essie, CND and Cuccio. Come back soon to see even more winter releases 😉

OPI ‘Celebration’ winter 2021 collection

This season OPI will treat us to 15-piece collection (they often add 3 extra toppers for Holidays) that will include a lot of pinks, purples and blues, with an overall ‘frosty’ vibe. I am really excited to see the swatches of this years toppers, as they seem to be much more up my alley than flakies they released last year. What also positively surprised me was the majority of cool-tone colours in this release which makes it different from the usual OPI Holiday shades. Seeing so many new shades in fun finishes makes me happy as I always associate glitters, shimmers, pearls and shine with Holiday season (but don’t fear – we will get a few creams as well) 🙂

China Glaze ‘Jewels Royale’ winter 2021 collection

China Glaze will soon come out with a 12-piece collection that will feature a lot of deep, vampy shades that fit perfectly the gemstones theme they picked. I can spot burgundy, royal purple, deep blue and metallic olive that remind me of rubies, sapphires, amethysts, emeralds… Of course all of them are (or at least seem to be) shimmery or other special finishes polishes – China Glaze is known for their indie-like variety of formulas 🙂 I think I only noticed 1 light pink cream here, so if you enjoy darker tones for winter this collection might be for you!

china glaze jewels royale winter 2021

CND ‘Party Ready’ winter 2021 collection

CND prepared a 6-piece winter collection for us, themed around glamorous parties and jewelry. I noticed that their winter releases are usually more ‘New Year’s’ than ‘Holiday’ centered which is always fun. This year their collection will feature 4 creams (2 dark and 2 light) as well as 2 shimmers. The mauve with glitter immediately has my attention and I feel all the shades compliment each other nicely. It might not be the most revolutionary release, but CND formula is excellent and colour selection quite safe, so you can never go wrong with picking those up 😉

Cuccio ‘Your Time to Shine’ fall-winter 2021 collection

The name of this collection fits perfectly 8 shades that are included: featuring glitters, shimmers and holographic finishes! I think it is super exciting to see some holo released by a mainstream brand and will be very interested to see the swatches of those shades. Overall theme of the collection is super icy and sparkly with majority of the polishes in the silver-metallic-gold realm. It is definitely a very festive release and Cuccio is an underrrated brand that I can really recommend 🙂

cuccio your time to shine fall winter 2021

Essie winter 2021 collection

Surprisingly light and colourful collection from Essie this winter, with juicy shades of pink and orange. This is a big change from what mainstream brands usually propose us during festive season (sparkle, deep hues and extra fun finishes) and I can’t say that I am in love with this collection at this point 😉 Anyway, there is also a silver and forest green cream that can satisfy your need for more ‘traditional Christmas’ mani. I always appreciate when brands experiment with colour-stories and surprise us but I am waiting the whole year to wear deeper and shiny shades in the fall and winter rather than pastels so it does not peek my interest as much (call me old-school) 😀

Essie ‘Rumor Jazz It’ fall-winter 2021 transition collection

On the contrary to what I’ve written above about the winter 2021 collection from Essie (which does not feel very much ‘festive’ to me) this release is giving me all the winter vibes even though it is not a main winter collection 😉 It is hard to tell from the photo but I believe that (almost) all of them will be shimmers, which makes me super happy as I absolutely adore jewel-tone polishes in the shimmery finish. While this is more classical winter colour-scheme and speaks to me more, I think everybody will find something for themselves from one of Essie winter releases this year.

Releases from OPI, Essie and CND should very soon be available at Lyko – I usually purchase my polishes from there.

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