Here you can see sneak peeks and announcements of spring 2022 collections from OPI, China Glaze, Essie, CND and Cuccio. Come back soon to see even more releases 😉

OPI x Xbox spring 2022 collection

Attention all the gamers – OPI is collaborating with XBOX to create a 12-piece spring palette of pastel creams, beautiful shimmers and statement shades. I was very excited and surprised when I learnt about this collection as it is a little outside-of-the box choice for OPI. They usually get inspiration for their seasonal collections from destinations around the world, although now with travel being reduced, I guess partnering with video game console is more realistic 🙂

It is also a fun way to cross-promote and interest fans of each partner into new things: I would love to see more gamer-girls and guys wearing nail polish! As with all OPI collections, I will be getting my hands on and reviewing for you all those shades if they are released in Denmark 🙂

China Glaze ‘Mystic Bloom’ spring 2022 collection

As it usually happens, China Glaze is much more adventurous and interesting than other mainstream brands, offering us 8-piece collection of ‘fairies and enchanted forest’ inspired shades. What is the most exciting about CG releases is that they play with many finishes (sheer, matte, cream) and components (glitters, holo, shimmer) and I am happy to report that this collection is no exception 🙂

I have seen quite polarising opinions about this one in the nail polish community, and I can see that the colour selection may not feel like classic spring shades and also lacks a little variety as we have basically pinks and purples dominating the collection. What is probably the most ‘controversial’ here is the presence of sheer formulas that will show your nail line and potential nail imperfections through or will require 3 coats to achieve opacity. I must admit that this release is not a love at first sight for me (and I won’t be purchasing it also as CG isn’t available that easy in Europe) but I am super curious to see swatches and reviews of those! 🙂

CND ‘Rise and Shine’ spring 2022 collection

If you were longing for a spring collection with a little more ‘kick’, than spring collection from CND might be right down your alley. This season they are introducing 5 new cream shades that will keep your nails vibrant for the whole springtime. I think it is a very energetic, capsule collection without any ‘boring shades’ like nudes and pale pinks that you come across often in releases this time of the year. What particularly draw my attention (and ultimately triggered my purchase) were 2 shades at the right: a sunny yellow (‘Among the Marigolds’) and an intriguing chartreuse (‘Mind Over Matcha’).

Cuccio ‘Go with the Flow’ spring 2022 collection

Now onto the collection that looks incredibly beautiful and tempting on all the promo photos I found that I would for sure grab it if only Cuccio was available where I live 🙂 What I always enjoy about Cuccio collections is their theming that appeals often to positivity, self-care and tranquility with shade names, soothing colour-stories and promo campaigns. This time is no different as they try to encourage us to ‘Go with the flow’ and embrace spontaneity.

The colour-story this time is also very delicate and very ‘spring-appropriate’ with a few pinks, soft pastel metallics and semi-sheer finishes. Although the shades look very stunning and the swatches I saw online are very promising, I feel the need to warn you about the possibility of problems with formulas among those polishes as I watched the YT review by Kelli Marissa (who is in my opinion one of the most credible nail swatchers) where she raised the difficulties she experiences with opacity and streaks so maybe take a look at the video below to make an educated decision 🙂

Essie winter 2021 collection

Surprisingly light and colourful collection from Essie this winter, with juicy shades of pink and orange. This is a big change from what mainstream brands usually propose us during festive season (sparkle, deep hues and extra fun finishes) and I can’t say that I am in love with this collection at this point 😉 Anyway, there is also a silver and forest green cream that can satisfy your need for more ‘traditional Christmas’ mani. I always appreciate when brands experiment with colour-stories and surprise us but I am waiting the whole year to wear deeper and shiny shades in the fall and winter rather than pastels so it does not peek my interest as much (call me old-school) 😀

Essie ‘Rumor Jazz It’ fall-winter 2021 transition collection

On the contrary to what I’ve written above about the winter 2021 collection from Essie (which does not feel very much ‘festive’ to me) this release is giving me all the winter vibes even though it is not a main winter collection 😉 It is hard to tell from the photo but I believe that (almost) all of them will be shimmers, which makes me super happy as I absolutely adore jewel-tone polishes in the shimmery finish. While this is more classical winter colour-scheme and speaks to me more, I think everybody will find something for themselves from one of Essie winter releases this year.

Releases from OPI, Essie and CND should very soon be available at Lyko – I usually purchase my polishes from there.

To make sure that you stay up to date with the nail news you can follow me on Instagram, or check out my friend Anouk blog ( – she is my fellow nail polish detective and also has a lot of nail news there 🙂

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