OPI ‘Downtown LA’ Fall 2021 collection

It’s the best time of the year again – a brand new fall collection from OPI! Probably I don’t need to repeat myself and go on and on about how fall is my favourite season and how terribly excited I am for autumn shades from my fave nail polish brand so let’s jump straight to those gorgeous colours 😉

To properly introduce you to the collection, I will say that OPI is still celebrating their 40th birthday and take us on one more time to explore their family state of California (as we have seen previously with ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Malibu’). It is not my call to judge if this ‘Downtown LA’ palette represents Los Angeles accurately but the shades look absolutely wonderful and fall-appropriate, although OPI once again (remember what a game changer ‘Muse of Milan’ was last year?) avoided very typical for this season shades of red-orange-olive which I am happy to see 🙂

[PR] – this post contains products that were sent to me by OPI

7th & Flower

Abstract After Dark

Angels Flight to Starry Nights

Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes

Espresso Your Inner Self

Graffiti Sweetie

Isn’t It Grand Avenue

Metallic Composition

My Studio’s on Spring


(P)ink on Canvas

Violet Visionary

Final thoughts

This is such a beautiful and well-rounded collection, that really covers all the nail polish needs and wishes I may have for fall 🙂 I love that it has many pink/blue/purple creams which happen to be favourite shades to wear and OPI as always nails their cream formula. Also, it offers a nice balance between toned down, muted colours and a few brighter pops and even a holo polish that keep you company for the whole year I am sure.

Many of the polishes, especially darker shades were completely opaque in 1 coat for me and all of them covered really nicely in 2 – so you can safely pick any colour you like and be sure that you will get a nice, easy-to-work formula. If you don’t plan buying the whole collection (which I think is a good and smart approach 😉 ) but still would like to get the vibe of this fall release, I would mostly recommend purchasing: greyish blue, dark purple and green (OPI <3 DTLA, Violet Vision, My Studio’s on Spring) as they are in my opinion the coolest from the bunch and offer a nice dusty twist on more classic fall shades. I hope the comparisons I posted next to some of the shades will be helpful for you to decide which ones are the most unique and will add the most value to your collection.

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