Essie ‘High Voltage Vinyl’ Fall 2021 collection

This season Essie decided to take us on a road with 6-piece ‘High Voltage Vinyl’ collection inspired by the garage bands and underground music. I feel that it is a very fitting inspiration for autumn and can honestly say that it is a collection that even though small, will most probably have a shade for everybody 🙂 We will be looking at nice saturated creams and gold shimmers, plus there is a surprise shade that really raised controversial opinions in the nail community, so let’s get started!

[AD] – some polishes featured in this post were kindly sent to me by Lyko

Feelin‘ amped

First polish is a beautiful dusty blue cream that is such an interesting choice for a fall collection. In person is it slightly lighter and has a hint of teal which makes it very flattering on the nails. I very much enjoy how saturated this one is and that is clearly stays within the ‘blue’ realm (in contrast to a million navy shades that usually get released this time of year).

High voltage vinyl

Now the namesake of the collection, and for me personally – the shade that really got me excited for the whole release: a dark olive green cream with golden shimmer. It is a very beautiful and grungy combo and looks absolutely electrifying when light hits that shimmer!

My happy bass

I am already anticipating what you might be thinking: that is an ugly shade – but wait a moment, let me explain 🙂 It is definitely different and can look like ‘baby poo’ but it is intriguing and unique at the same time which makes me super happy to see released by a mainstream brand. People might question your manicure choice if you put it on but you will surely be feeling fierce and sassy + you will know that you have found your solu-mate when someone compliments it!

Off the record

As it happens very often with fall releases, we also have here a red cream polish. But it is a very pretty dusty red that leans brown making it look very warm and cozy. I really like how deep and chic this one is and think it makes a good addition to this collection providing a great fall option for people who don’t want to experiment too much with colours and finishes.

Sound check you out

The palette-cleanser of the collection is this cool tone mauve that didn’t impress me that much at first. However, it grew on me what I put it on and seeing how very elegant and soft it looks on the nails. I think it is a very nice nude alternative to all the warm peach/rosy/beige shades that we usually get in fall collections. Usually, I am not the biggest fan of cool undertones but this one can be my new perfect neutral shade 🙂

Star struck a chord

The second of the golden shimmers is this rich eggplant shade that looks almost warm-brown on the nails. I was really hyped for this shade when I saw the promo photos but unfortunately the shimmer here is a little weaker than in the green shade, although still very pretty and perfectly fitting grungy fall vibes of this collection.

Final thoughts

I think that Essie did a very good job with this ‘High Voltage Vinyl’ Fall 2021 collection, keeping it more on a grungy side but still being cohesive. All the polishes have beautiful and easy to work with opaque formula, that applied smoothly and covered my nails in 1-2 coats. What is very nice is that we see some more classic/basic tones here with the red and mauve that will surely satisfy mainstream and salon clients, as well as a few funky polishes in terms of colour (greenish-poo-yellow) or finish (beautiful golden shimmer added to an olive or purple base).

Pointing my faves is also quite easy here: ‘My happy bass’ (for how extremely unique it is, raising a lot of controversy in nail community and being completely unapologetic ‘ugly/pretty’ polish which is rare for a mainstream brand) and collection’s namesake ‘High voltage vinyl’ (as I adore how the dark olive base is complemented with generous gold shimmer giving a wonderful grungy look).

Essie high voltage vinyl

I was gifted 3 polishes (blue, red and green shimmer) from this collection by Lyko, which is my favourite place to shop for nail polish and where you can still grab them for yourself: here. I recommend shopping there if you are located in EU, as they get all the Essie collections really fast and I have always had good experience with their fast shipping.

If you are looking for more fall polishes, you can check out my: Orly ‘Desert Muse’, OPI ‘Muse of Milan’ or Depend ‘Cosy Glam’ review.

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