Depend ‘Tropical Freak’ Summer 2021 collection

It has been a while since I posted on the blog (I am much more active on IG though!), but here I am with a full review of 12-piece ‘Tropical Freak’ summer collection from Depend Cosmetics. I was extra excited to be able to actually purchase them in store as it is a Swedish brand widely available in Copenhagen πŸ™‚

Let’s dive into those summer goodies – it has everything to carry you from late spring, the whole summer season and even step into fall with 12 gorgeous creams: some pastels, almost-neons and dusty shades. Especially if you are a warm polishes lover this one is for you as 8 shades are from the red-orange-pink family. Shades from regular and O2 lines from Depend are not named in any way, therefore I will use their numbers to distinguish πŸ˜‰

First shade from the ‘Tropical Freak’ Depend collection is an impactful magenta berry cream that really stands out on the nails. It has a cool undertone and is in my opinion a great ‘cheer-me-up’ kind of a shade πŸ™‚

depend nail polish tropical freak
no. 663

Neons are almost impossible to get right on the camera, so just believe me when I say that this coral is really BRIGHT. I don’t know exactly what it is about coral polishes but they feel so incredibly summery and still sophisticated (even when they are ultra bright like this one). Depend’s nail polish formula is excellent as usual here: creamy, thin and ultra pigmented – so if you enjoy shades like ‘Cajun Shrimp’ from OPI, this one is a great pick!

depend nail polish tropical freak
no. 664

Now the shade that I actually swatched first because I was so excited for it – a lovely dusty terracotta cream. You probably know by now that I am in love (and actively hoarding) with all shades like this so it was great to see this polish in the collection.

no. 665

A little funny that an innocent, cotton-candy pink cream is no. 666 in this collection πŸ˜‰ I am rarely excited for pink nail polish, so this one didn’t rock my world since it is very simple and classic cool-toned colour, but I can definitely acknowledge that it is probably one of the most popular picks from this release. Even though the colour is quite safe it does have a certain almost neon punch to it that makes it look even more cute and appeal to me slightly more.

no. 666

Next shade is a kind of colour I would rather expect (and wear) during spring as it is a very soft, pastel lilac cream. But upon the further inspection, looking at how gorgeously soft and cool-toned it is, I think it might be a perfect all-year round shade. Very good formula here as well, fully opaque in 1 coat (although I probably should have done also the second judging by my ridges) πŸ˜‰

no. 667

On the other hand, this very bright blue is exactly a kind of shade I love for summer. It is a shade of a beautiful blue summer sky and it a great and universal pick for hot weather. One small point here – I noticed a little of bubbling (especially on my ring finger) and some cuticle overflooding due to a little ‘runny’ formula here.

no. 668

I was really excited to see this turquoise in the collection as it provides very nice cool accent in an overall warm-toned dominated range. It is a really cute shade that has excellent 1-coat formula. On the camera it doesn’t look bright enough, but it is really pigmented and vibrant IRL!

depend neglelak tropical freak collection
no. 669

A mint so light that almost look white – a more delicate choice for summer mani that surely makes your tan pop πŸ™‚ I feel that pastel version might be easier for people who shy away from wearing more ‘tricky’ colours like green on regular basis so maybe just give it a go in this more approachable way.

depend neglelak tropical freak
no. 670

We now have a soft and innocent peach shade that would be perfect for a sprint-summer transition. This one has a slightly more sheer formula and required a solid second coat but it is still great and very enjoyable to work with.

depend neglelak tropical freak
no. 671

And a more fall accent now – dusty pumpkin colour πŸ™‚ To be completely honest, orange is not my often picked shade to put on (probably because I feel it is ‘appropriate’ only for a short period of time between July and September) so even more arguments to enjoy this one while summer lasts!

depend summer 2021
no. 672

Another red in this collection is a more dusty, brick-leaning colour the gives me already fall vibes πŸ™‚ It is super creamy and I cannot help but love all the dusty shades I lay my eyes on!

depend summer 2021
no. 673

Last, but certainly not least, we have this warm sunshine yellow that really stole my heart. It has great formula (similarly to other polishes from the collection) and very pleasantly surprised me by being fully opaque in 2 coats! As you probably know by now, it is not that common to come across 2-coat light yellow nail polish so it is definitely a stand-out for me πŸ™‚

depend tropical freak
no. 674

Final thoughts

Wrapping up my thoughts on this Depend ‘Tropical Freak’ collection isn’t the easiest as it really delivers a bunch of very pretty and fun shades in excellent cream formulas. Looking at the collage photo, you can see that it covers almost the whole rainbow of pastel colours, and I am sure that everybody will find here a shade they would like to wear during summer.

My biggest critique here is that the collection is leaning too much towards ‘sunset’ shades and lacks slightly cooler tones. I would love to see eg. a vibrant purple or blue instead of so many reds/oranges that differ very little between each other. Also, you cannot find here any special finishes which is quite typical for Depend’s releases and well justified by really low price point, but in my opinion throwing in even one shimmer or topper would break the collection really nicely.

Top 3 picks for me are: yellow (for very good creamy formula and pleasant warm undertone), rosewood nude (because I adore those kind of shades and believe this is a perfect summery spin on it) and berry (for how vibrant and flattering it looks on my skin tone) πŸ™‚

depend tropical freak

I purchased this whole ‘Tropical Freak’ collection atΒ LykoΒ (my favourite place to purchase nail polish), they carry all Depend collections super quickly after they are released, although as it is a limited edition, it might not be in stock anymore.

If you want to see more Depend polishes review you can check out this blog post about their fall collection:

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