ANNY ‘Pastel Paradise’ Spring 2021 collection

Living in Europe, it is my ambition to try and review a lot of European nail brands and let my fellow nail polish lovers what hidden gems we have easily accessible here 🙂 ANNY is a brand I was eyeing for a long time, however, as they are based in Germany it is not that easy for me to get hold of them in Denmark where I live, but luckily when I was in Austria earlier this year I was able to grab the whole spring ‘Pastel Paradise’ collection in store.

The ‘Pastel Paradise’ collection from ANNY consists of 6 shades in extremely cute and sturdy square bottles, out of which 4 are classic pastel creams and 2 are shimmers. Actually, when I purchased them I was convinced that there is only 1 shimmery shade due to how subtle the gold flex is in the coral polish 😉 I was very pleased with all the polishes as well as the application and now I kind of regret I cannot purchase their releases more regularly and only when I visit Germany or Austria.

Cotton candy skies

This light pinky-peach is so universal it can be for sure worn all year long. It is a cute cream that builds up in 1-2 easy coats with the wide ANNY brush that I really enjoy 😎 Even though I own some similar polishes already, I think that this one compliments my skintone very nicely being my ‘perfect pink nude’.

anny cotton candy skies
‘Cotton candy skies’

Days like this

The next polish is a soft peachy-pink with a veeeery beautiful impactful pink shimmer – giving an overall absolutely beautiful finish <3 I am so happy to have it in my collection now as it is super pretty and unique for me – I simply can’t get enough of it! Formula is dreamy as well as it needed only 1 coat to achieve perfection.

anny days like this
‘Days like this’

Lilac district

A really soft, glossy and beautiful lilac cream that builded up in 2 coats (may be needing 3rd one if you are picky). I enjoy purple nail polish a lot so this one really speaks to me even though it is not the most ground-breaking shade for spring/summer season 😉

anny lilac district
‘Lilac district’

Paint it mint

I really enjoy the next shade as it is a very soft shade of pastel mint that is dancing on the edge of being robin egg colour. Although the polish is lovely on, I had to really build it up in 2 coats to be opaque and still some very sharp eye may say I need the 3rd one (which I completely understand judging by my ridgy pinky nail). I didn’t have an impression that the formula is ‘chalky’ just that it is quite sheer, especially on the first coat.

anny paint it mint
‘Paint it mint’

Stormy blue

I am sure everybody will like this one! 🙂 It is so vibrant but still pastel and represents the exact colour of the beautiful clear spring/summer sky. The application with the wide brush was really easy and was completely opaque in 2 coats.

anny stormy blue
‘Stormy blue’

The heat is on

The last from the collection is a beautiful peachy orange with a very subtle gold shimmer that makes the polish really unique for my collection. This was the polish I mentioned at the beginning that I mistook for a simple cream as the gold flex is so delicate (applied here in 2 coats). I know many of you are fans of very bright and ultra sparkly polishes but this one is a perfect low-key option for when you cannot go full-on glam or want to have more of an ‘innocent girly’ look 😉

anny the heat is on
‘The heat is on’

Final thoughts

Looking at that whole ‘Pastel Paradise’ spring release from ANNY , I can only say one thing – it is a great set of fun pastels that can carry you through the whole spring and summer season. You can find here every classic pastel cream as well as an absolutely stunning neutral with pink flex – ‘Days like this’ that for me is a highlight of this collection.

When it comes to formula, it was more on the thinner side and not the most consistent as the coverage varied between 1 and 3 coats. I know that pastels are more difficult to formulate hence I was prepared to build up some of the shades a little bit more and it is not the brand-specific critique by no means. My two fave picks from ‘Pastel Paradise’ collection would be the blue and the neutral with pink flex that I mentioned before, so if you live in the country that ANNY is sold or just happen to see them in store, give those a chance 🙂

anny pastel paradise

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