Picture Polish – multichromes and holos (Aquiver, Butterfly, Ethereal, Free, Lizzie)

For a long time I wanted to try Picture Polish, especially after seeing so many swatches of stunning and unique polishes from them popping on my Instagram feed. I was very tempted to branch out a little from my comfort zone of mainstream brands and dip my toes into indie world 🙂 Obviously, it was also the perfect time to play with some new (to me) finishes like duo- and multichromes that are probably best done by indie brands. I picked just a few polishes from PP wide range but after trying them out – I might absolutely come back for more 😉


First of three chromatic polishes is a a subtle duochrome that shifts from blue to purple. If you look closely you can see that it even shifts to greenish-gold on the edges, and if you look REALLY closely you may be lucky to even spot the very fine scattered holo. This one has the least ‘dramatic’ shift but it still very exciting and unique for my collection. I like it as it creative and fun without being overwhelming 😉

picture polish aquiver


This one is such a gorgeous chameleon! It shifts absolutely beautifully between blue-purple-pink and greenish gold <3 I am super stunned by it even more, as it completely transforms in direct light into a shimmery navy blue/royal purple depending on the angle. This has to be my favourite from all PP polishes I’ve tried so far.


Last of chromatic polishes is shifting in a very different range of colours: purple-red-gold-green which makes it an absolute unicorn shade for me. Also the shift is the most apparent here and I am ashamed to even admit how much time I’ve spent staring at my nails under different angles when I was wearing this shade 😉 I tried to capture it the most accurately I can in the photos but multichromes are so transformative they look best in action (keep that in mind when purchasing a chromatic polish to check out many different swatches and/or a video to get the best idea).


It is so hard for me to resist a good holo and I definitely had to try some from PP. Here you can see a super beautiful scattered holographic in a teal base that looks like shiny ocean on your nail. Absolute stunner with a nice, large holo particles!


I must admit, I was drawn to this polish as it reminded me very much of ‘Menchie The Cat’ from Holo Taco that I love (platonically, because I don’t own it 😉 ) and from what I can tell by looking at online swatches they are very similar. It is a gorgeous lavender pink jam-packed with linear holo going throughout. As the base shade is very light and more jelly-like than in ‘Free’ it might require 2 coats to full opacity, but it is absolutely worth it 🙂

picture polish lizzie

2 thoughts on “Picture Polish – multichromes and holos (Aquiver, Butterfly, Ethereal, Free, Lizzie)”

  1. I love picture polish’s multichrome/duochrome shades . I have a couple of older ones, but haven’t purchased any new ones in a while! This blogpost makes me want to wear them again 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend 🙂 It was my first time trying a really ‘indie’ brand and I was so impressed by how fun some of their finishes are: holo, duo chromes, thermals, flakes etc. So much fun to choose from! 😀

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