OPI ‘Hollywood’ Spring 2021 collection

I am always looking forward so much to new OPI releases and this season was no different. You may have already heard that the brand is celebrating their 40th birthday this year, therefore all the collections will be devoted to Hollywood/LA/California area where they origin from. In addition to that, we can expect to see even more ‘revamped’ or sequels to their iconic shades (similarly as they had ‘My Chihuahua Bites!’ and few years later ‘My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore’). I think it is very cute and a little caveat only a true nail polish fan will notice 🙂

The ‘Hollywood’ collection features 12 new shades (standard for OPI seasonal releases) with a surprising range of finishes and colours, so let’s jump straight to the review and swatches!

[PR] – this post contains products that were sent to me by OPI (8 Infinite Shine polishes)

15 Minutes of Flame

It is a punchy magenta polish with intense bright pink shimmer running through. I was pleasantly surprised how intense and flattering it looked on my nails and applied like a dream in 1 coat. The very intense shimmer that I believe is a ‘flame’ OPI included in the title makes the finish look almost pearly which means it can leave some brush strokes.

opi 15 minutes of flame
’15 Minutes of Flame’

Award for Best Nails Goes to…

Another super interesting polish is this deep navy crelly. You can see clearly around the tips and cuticles how lighter and more sheer it is, but at the same time still building nice opacity on the nail itself (hence I call it ‘crelly’ – a jelly cream). I was a little unsure at first if I will like this polish, as I am a huge lover of OPI classic creams, but I really enjoy this juicy finish combined with such a rich blue – definitely a very nice twist, making a deep shade like that more spring/summer friendly. It took me 2 coats to be opaque but if you are not a fan of the slight sheerness, you might want to apply 3.

opi award for best nails goes to...
‘Award For Best Nails Goes to…’

Bee-hind the Scenes

Can you see it?! A cute pastel yellow in good formula is a ‘run don’t walk’ kind of situation for me 😉 I would describe this shade as a lovely pale pastel lemon yellow, as it is bright and soft but also has a tiny splash of warmth. It was one of the shades that immediately caught mine (and many of you) attention when looking at the initial promo photos and it is totally deserving its hype in my opinion. It is even more exciting for me to report that it has a very good, 2 coat formula.

opi bee-hind the scenes
‘Bee-hind the Scenes’

Destined to Be a Legend

Now something for those of you who enjoy a little bit of dustiness even in spring/summer season. It is a really soft, dove grey blue cream that I applied in 2 thin coats for full opacity (as I have quite long nails) and really enjoy how delicate and elegant it looks. Probably I am biased when it comes to this polish, as it is a much lighter sister of ‘Alpaca My Bags’ from ‘Peru’ 2018 collection – one of my favorite OPI releases of all time!

opi destined to be a legend
‘Destined to Be a Legend’

Emmy, Have You Seen Oscar?

I may be a little ironic but I feel that each OPI collection must have a red and a pink/nude 😀 So here it is a lovely bright, juicy cherry-red. Formula on this was truly spectacular – gliding on a nail like a dream, with a ONE coat opacity.

opi emmy, have you seen Oscar?
‘Emmy, Have You Seen Oscar?’

Hollywood & Vibe

Now we have a light cool-toned shade of pink in cream formula. It is a very beautiful, innocent pink with a tiny drop of lavender, that makes it look super bright and ‘clean’ on the nails. As it is a very light shade (and I have quite long nails) I applied 2 coats which built up beautifully and gave me the full coverage without any issues.

opi hollywood & vibe
‘Hollywood & Vibe’

I’m an Extra

A warm peachy-nude cream like that always looks just effortless but still incredibly elegant. I really enjoy this one, although it is a shade that OPI has done several times over the years, but it is still a delicious colour for every occasion that was opaque for me in 1-2 coats.

opi I'm an extra
‘I’m an Extra’

I’m Really an Actress

This polish is a STAR of the show! Red with gold shimmer and scattered holo so unique and gorgeous that I couldn’t take my eyes off it! It is not very often that we see such interesting shades from mainstream brands and this one is absolutely worth its hype. Formula was super smooth and easy to apply with 1-2 coats for full opacity. In the direct sun, holo particles make this polish super sparkly and vibrant, while in more dimmed light the gold shimmer is very nicely visible. This means that finally you can shine and sparkle regardless of the lighting 😁 Many of you nail polish lovers probably know that this is a sequel to iconic OPI metallic red ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’ created especially for the brand 40th celebration this year.

opi I'm really an actress
‘I’m Really an Actress’

Movie Buff

It is the lightest of all pinky-nudes in the collection, I think I would best describe it as a very pale cool-tone pink (maybe a lighter sister of ‘Hollywood & Vibe’). However, it was also the only shade from the whole range where I had some issues with the formula… as it was NOT my favourite OPI ‘dream-cream’ type with full opacity in 1-2 coats. First one was streaky and the second coat, even though really thick, did not ensure me a smooth result as it clinged to all the ridges (which you can see in the photo, but I decided to keep it this way to show you the same true application I did for the rest) I know that formulation of very light shades is more difficult so I am not upset – just remember to build it up in 3 coats if you have longer or ridgy nails like me 😉 

opi movie buff
‘Movie Buff’

Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce?

Are you ready to see the shade that completely stole my heart? <3 This beautiful ‘blurple’ (it is a dusty blue that has just enough purple in it to make me wonder if it’s not a purple, hence I call it blurple) has probably the least catchy name ever, but the undertone, formula, 1 coat opacity and smoothness of application make it one of my faves from the collection.

opi oh you sing, dance, act and produce?
‘Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce?’

Rated Pea-G

I am not the biggest fan of green nail polish but need to be fair for this beautiful cool-tone green cream. Formula on this polish is just impeccable, smooth, easy to work with and only required 1 coat to the full opacity (I wear 2 on my swatch photos out of habit but it wasn’t really needed). I know that it was one of the shades that draw attention of many of you immediately, so I wanted to tell you that it has definitely lived up to the expectations. The colour itself is quite unique in my opinion: saturated yet slightly dusty – a treat to any green polish lover!

opi rated pea-g
‘Rated Pea-G’

Suzi Calls the Paparazzi

Traditionally in every OPI there is a ‘Suzi-shade’ – a polish that in a funny way pays trivia to Suzi Weiss-Fischmann aka ‘First Lady of Nails’ (co-owner of the company and creative mind behind some of the absolute best-sellers). This gorgeous dusty rosy cream looks so chic and elegant on the nails. Application on this polish was very smooth and easy – I am wearing 2 coats but if you have short nails, you might be good to go in one.

opi suzi calls the paparazzi
‘Suzi Calls the Paparazzi’

Final thoughts

Looking at all the shades together I must say I am really impressed with this collection. It offers us many solid creams that range from mid-tone green to light pink as well as some special polishes in crelly, pearl and holographic finish. I know that you can spot some repeats colours (especially if you are an avid OPI collector like me) including 4 pinky-peachy-nudes and a red. But there is no shade that I would dislike and only one that I had issues with application (‘Movie Buff’). If I were to recommend you 3 that are in my opinion the most unique/exciting that would be red holo, dusty blue and the pastel yellow 🙂

edit note: summer ‘Malibu’ collection is not available in Denmark where I live so the next OPI release I will be reviewing is going to be ‘Downtown LA’ fall 2021

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    1. Thank you so much for being here 🙂 I am very excited to join the blogging community! ‘I’m Really an Actress’ is a very beautiful and original shade for OPI 😉

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