Essie ‘Love at Frost Sight’ Winter 2020 collection

The winter collection ‘Love at Frost Sight’ from Essie immediately caught my eye as I am very keen on the original concept of releasing a range of pastels with high-shimmer finish. Very often we see companies repeat the same scheme of dark shades + reds + silver/golds = perfect collection for Christmas so I was excited to see something different this time around.

As I mentioned, all the shades are light pastels and the formula across the board is sheer (with an option to build them almost opaque in 3 coats, however, I think they look better when you leave them on 2 and just embrace the semi-translucent look). The gold shimmer is very apparent and makes them look like if you had a tiny layer of sparkling snow on your nails 🙂

Bonbon Nuit

And we start swatches with a very beautiful lavender pink – this one is so delicate and dreamy! I am often not a fan of that sheer coverage but it fits perfectly this shade and the intense shimmery finish. Winter princess fairytale in a bottle <3

essie bonbon nuit
‘Bonbon Nuit’

In a Gingersnap

The red one differs from the rest of the collection as unlike other shades, this one is completely opaque in 1 coat and the gold flex is far less visible here. In a way it feels almost out of place compared to 5 other sheer pastels. I really think it is a pretty, nice and solid polish with a good formula, just the least unique in that collection (for me) as I feel that I own a few classic reds with gold shimmer already. If you are not a fan of semi-sheer polishes this might be the perfect pick for you!

essie in a gingersnap
‘In a Gingersnap’

Love at Frost Sight

Now we have the yummy baby blue that looks just like the frost on the window in the winter morning. It is almost opaque in 2 coats (you can build it up easily in 3) and the shimmer is slightly softer here – similarly as in the previous polish.

essie love at frost sight
‘Love at Frost Sight’

Peppermint Condition

This is definitely polish for someone looking for a little more adventurous option from the collection. The mint base color paired with very strong gold flex makes it really glow! Formula is similar to the blue shade when it comes to opacity.

essie peppermint condition
‘Peppermint Condition’

Sugarplum Fairytale

I remember how this shade from collection made some buzz in the nail community since it is….different in USA and Europe markets 😉 It is oficially described by Essie as a ‘vibrant lavender with gold pearl’ (very similar, just slightly more purple variant of another shade from the collection – ‘Bonbon Nuit’) but here in Europe we got a much warmer, richer and pinkier version of it. Personally I like this pink variant more and like how the gold shimmer combined with that pink base make this polish feel much warmer and more all-year round appropriate. The same as other shades from this range, it still shows some nail line in 2 coats

essie love at frost sight; sugarplum fairytale
‘Sugarplum Fairytale’

Twinkle in Time

So this is a little confusing for me as we are looking at white-silver with gold shimmer 😉 It definitely looks very wintery this way but I am not the biggest fan of how it looks as gives the sheer cold hue to the nails and looks slightly underwhelming if the shimmer is not catching the light (you can see it closer to my cuticles). Although, when the shimmer goes live – it really has a kick!

essie love at frost sight; twinkle in time
‘Twinkle in Time’

Final thoughts

All shades from ‘Love at Frost Sight’ Essie release together give me absolutely beautiful winter vibes, very light, frosty and dreamy. I like how the shades look and can absolutely say that this is quite unique winter release for such a big mainstream brand as Essie. However, it is important to note that all the shades (except red) as semi-sheer even in 2 coats so you might want to either build them up in more coats, use as toppers in just 1 coat or maybe experiment with translucent finish and nail line slightly showing through. If you ask me for the shade recommendation, I would say that the pinks are my faves as they are the most versatile and flattering option 🙂

essie love at frost sight

I purchased this collection at Lyko (my favourite place to purchase nail polish), they carry most of Essie releases, although as it is a limited edition, it might not be in stock anymore.

You may want to check out the swatches of winter 2020 collection from CND as well, as it features some juicy creams and gorgeous shimmers!

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