CND ‘Cocktail Couture’ Winter 2020 collection

When I saw the promo photos of this CND ‘Cocktail Couture’ collection I was instantly hooked by the shimmers shades (especially the emerald green and wine purple) and that’s how I immediately decided to get the whole release πŸ˜‰ It may not seem like the smartest judgement from my side but I am a fan of CND formulas and color selection overall so it was a safe bet that I will enjoy this winter release as well.

cnd cocktail couture

As you can see above, this collection consists of 6 ‘glamorous-party’ themed shades with 3 exciting shimmers and 3 red/pink creams. CND is usually providing a solid portion of reds/neutrals in their releases so I was not surprises to see them here as well, but I like their wide brush and beautiful creamy formula way too much to complain πŸ˜‰

Bordeaux Babe

Let’s start the swatches with a beautiful classic 1-coat burgundy cream (the exact shade I always associate with a holiday season). That one was very easy and effortless to apply and dried very glossy. It looks slightly lighter on the nails than in the bottle but it is still absolutely adorable and really timeless if you ask me.

cnd cocktail couture; bordeaux babe
‘Bordeaux Babe’

Devil Red

This red is so vibrant, spicy and bold – I simply cannot get enough of it <3 Similarly as for the previous shade, here application was also very smooth and I reached full opacity in 1 coat (you might want put on the 2nd one if you have longer nails or very visible nail line). Although it is an ‘easily-dupable’ shade, it is a staple in every collection and will serve me well all-year round.

cnd cocktail couture; devil red
‘Devil Red’

Drama Queen

This one is called ‘Drama Queen’ for a reason with its amazing formula, 1 coat coverage and super impactful purple-silver shimmer! I am stunned, it is absolutely gorgeous, period! <3

cnd drama queen
‘Drama Queen’

Get that Gold

Now we are looking at metallic gold that is a must in every winter collection πŸ˜‰ This polish is a super elegant shimmery champagne gold that I think perfectly compliments all red and pink creams in that winter collection. You will get it easily opaque in one coat but be aware that some brush strokes will be visible afterwards.

cnd get that gold
‘Get that Gold’

How Merlot

Vibrant magenta cream for winter? Why not! πŸ™‚ It was so hard to capture its true shade in the photo, so just image that you add a few drops of true red to a deep Barbie-pink and that’s exactly the shade you get with this polish. Once again we are dealing with the excellent creamy formula, opaque in 1-2 coats.

cnd how merlot
‘How Merlot’

She’s a Gem!

And the last but 100% not least is this GEM, a breath-taking sparkly emerald green metallic that covers in 1 coat <3 Honestly, I cannot praise this shade enough as I think it is really unique and simply gorgeous.

cnd she's a gem
‘She’s a Gem!’

Final thoughts

I must admit that I am pretty impressed with the whole collection ‘Cocktail Couture’ from CND, especially the creative shimmers. Across the board formulas were fantastic, with 1 coat being enough for a complete opacity for most of the shades. My only con for this release is too little variety in the cream department – as we have 2 reds and a magenta. I would swap that for a different deep shade like a navy or purple to compliment the colour story better. Apart from that, I am in love with those polishes, especially shimmer green and purple πŸ™‚

cnd cocktail couture

I purchased this collection atΒ Lyko – they carry most of the CND releases, although as it is limited edition, it might not be in stock anymore

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