OPI ‘Muse of Milan’ Fall 2020 collection

Another fall collection is here and you know I am more than happy to review it as they are always my absolute favourite! If I could I would make fall never end just to wear autumnal shades all year round :p Anyway, this year OPI is taking us for a trip to Italy, to a beautiful city of Milan with their ‘Muse of Milan’ collection. I have noticed that OPI is quite often picking Europe-based destinations for their fall releases and go a little more adventurous (eg. Fiji, Tokyo, Mexico) for the spring/summer ones. I don’t mind it by no means as I live in Europe and love seeing shades inspired by the places I am more familiar with, it is just the thought – is Europe considered more cold and vampy by Americans? πŸ˜‰

Coming back to the collection itself, we can immediately spot that it has a certain ‘twist’ – while it follows the usual 12-piece format we are lacking classic red and omnipresent pinky/nude creams here. Instead, we can spot oranges and blues although the typical fall warm shades being a minory. Instead, we see a lot of fun and more unique cool-toned colours in the range of silver, purple and grey. I am a big fan of seeing such a creativity with this release and I’m also glad as it feels targeted much more towards us, true nail polish lovers and collectors, than typical ‘salon customers’.

Addio Bad Nails, Ciao Great Nails

Let’s start this purple-heavy collection with a purple πŸ™‚ I would probably describe this polish as a dusty lavender packed with cute purple micro shimmer which creates a really fun and interesting look. It looks almost grey in the indirect light but has a slight purple flex to it that makes it surprisingly unique. It has a very pleasant, creamy formula that was opaque in the first coat.

opi addio bad nails, ciao great nails
‘Addio Bad Nails, Ciao Great Nails’

Complimentary Wine

It wouldn’t be OPI fall collection without having red representation but this is such a fun one! This shade is simply so gorgeous: a deep burgundy that looks black from some angles but has some added vampiness and charm. It reminds me of ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ (in the red) and while those are not shades for faint hearts, it is really growing on me πŸ™‚ It can be a tiny bit patchy on the first coat, therefore I would recommend 2 for a perfect and opaque application.

opi muse of milan; complimentary wine
‘Complimentary Wine’

Drama at La Scala

Now, let’s take a look at the first of the ‘blue’ polishes in the collection. This one is definitely has a visible touch of teal and is also darker which makes it slightly more interesting and unique in my opinion. The formula was absolutely beautiful here, smooth and opaque in 1 coat – exactly the way I like it. The name of this polish made me smile as La Scala (based in Milan) is one of the most famous and reputable opera houses in the world, so the idea of ‘drama’ happening there is both funny and fitting πŸ™‚

opi muse of milan; drama at la scala
‘Drama at La Scala’

Duomo Days, Isola Nights

If I were looking for a more fancy description of this shade instead of the ‘blue’, I would probably call it a dusty take on a classic denim blue πŸ˜‰ And let me tell you that it is absolutely stunning, easy to apply, covers in 1 coat and can easily become a fall stample for a lot of people. Funny thing about this polish is its name: ‘Duomo’ is a famous cathedral in Milan while ‘Isola’ is a city’s very trendy and hip neighbourhood, so we can see how OPI suggests that this polish is suitable to be both: nice during the day and naughty after dark.

opi muse of milan; duomo days isola nights
‘Duomo Days, Isola Nights’

Fall-ing for Milan

The only neutral in the collection and I am happy to report that it is not ‘a boring nude’ as in addition to the caffe latte cream base we have fine gold shimmer that makes this shade really pop in the sun. In the indirect light it looks slightly lighter, cooler and more like a standard cream but it still has a slight golden sheen to it that makes it very pretty elegant. It covered in 1 coat but I applied second one to build it up a little more.

opi muse of milan; fall-ing for milan
‘Fall-ing for Milan’

Galleria Vittorio Violet

Second from the handful of purples is this light purple with ultra delicate lavender shimmer. To be completely honest, the shimmer here is so delicate that it does not show on the nails at all (at least for me). Therefore, you might want to build up this polish in the 2 coats to get more of that lavender glow visible. I feel like this shade compliments the whole collection really nicely, giving a solid light purple option to rock not only in the fall but also very fitting for spring. The polish is named after Galleria Vittorio Emanuele which is the oldest active shopping gallery in Italy πŸ˜‰

opi muse of milan; galleria vittorio violet
‘Galleria Vittorio Violet’

Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too

I was so happy to spot a bright pumpkin orange in that collection! It is so fun, bright, super smooth and opaque in 1 coat, what more can a girl want? πŸ™‚ (To explain the shade name a little more: panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread that often includes nuts and raisins that people eat during Christmas)

opi muse of milan; have your panettone and eat it too
‘Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too’

Leonardo’s Model Color

Now the brightest star of the collection and the most unique (in my opinion) shade of all of them. It is an absolutely stunning polish, jam-packed with glistening purple and gold shimmer suspended in a purple base. The base itself is a little sheer so you will need 2 or even 3 coats (similarly to its sister shade – ‘OPI Nails the Runway’ that we will be looking at shortly) which is not optimal but for such a gorgeous effect I am up for it!

opi muse of milan; leonardo's model color
‘Leonardo’s Model Color’

My Italian is a Little Rusty

This is a perfect burnt orange cream shade that for me feels incredibly cozy and heart-warming when the weather outside gets gloomy. You can call it a deeper, and more rusty sister shade of the pumpkin polish we’ve seen earlier but with the same fantastic creamy, 1-coat formula. I was a little surprised initially to find this really warm shade in this collection that is dominated by the cool-toned purples and blues, but now I think that it brings some balance to the whole range.

opi muse of milan; my italian is a little rusty
‘My Italian is a Little Rusty’

OPI Nails the Runway

This one is so beautiful but tricky to describe! I would probably call this one a sparkly ‘gunmetal’ gray that is packed with multi-colour shimmers. You can spot some blue, purple and even green particles inside, giving this polish a super interesting and unique look 🀩 Also I noticed that it tends to look lighter/darker on some people’s swatches depending probably on the light, number of coats and skin-tone so please keep that in mind when comparing the photos online. I built it up to 3 coats which as you know I rarely do, but I really enjoy this polish being slightly deeper this way as the base itself is more on the sheer side.

opi muse of milan; opi nails the runway
‘OPI Nails the Runway’

Suzi Talks with Her Hands

I have heard someone describe this shade as a ‘colour of the wet concrete’ and I believe this is the best characteristic of this gray cream πŸ™‚ It has the famous OPI cream formula that glides on smoothly and covers in 1 coat. The shade itself is not crazy unique but a very solid warm-tone grey with an excellent formula is always welcome (+ I have a soft spot for a ‘Suzi’ shade in every OPI collection, I think it is such a cute idea).

opi muse of milan; suzi talks with her hands
‘Suzi Talks with Her Hands’

This Color Hits all the High Notes

I saved the one that I didn’t love for last πŸ˜‰ I don’t usually associate frosty silver polishes with fall as they give me more winter vibes, hence I am not blown away to see this polish here. Actually, I am not a huge fan of pearly finish at all… Anyway, this polish is undeniably very interesting with its pearl finish and tiny blue shimmer giving it some extra dimension. I actually don’t mind the soft, more etheral look it gives but I was not a big fan of building it up in 3 coats (just my personal preference here) so overall it is definitely one of my least favourite picks from the whole collection. However, I appreciate this polish for what it is and I can see myself using it again in the future, maybe in 1 coat as a topper?

opi muse of milan; this color hits all the high notes
‘This Color Hits all the High Notes’

Final thoughts

At the risk of sounding banal, I would say that I really, really enjoyed this OPI ‘Muse of Milan’ collection. I appreciate the different approach to autumn shades that for change does not include ‘must-haves’ like classic red, olive green and mustard yellow. It is definitely a treat for all my fellow purple lovers and those that prefer cooler tones in general. The formulas across the board were pretty consistent and easy to work with (except the shimmers with the more translucent base). I always enjoy OPI creamy formula that glides on and covers completely in 1 coat and we can find a few of those here.

There is only 1 polish that I actively didn’t like (the silver pearl) but I can still value the variety of finishes this collection includes and therefore be appealing to more people πŸ™‚ My 3 favourites would probably be: ‘Leonardo’s Model Color’, ‘Complimentary Wine’ and ‘Fall-ing for Milan’ but honestly there are many very tempting and creative shades here πŸ™‚

I purchased this collection atΒ Lyko – they carry most of OPI releases, and even though it is limited edition it is still in stock!

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