Depend ‘Cosy Glam’ Fall 2020 collection

I made it my goal recently to try out some more nail polish brands (especially Europe-based) and see what great polish lines I might be missing. Living in Denmark, I was super excited to purchase a fall ‘Cosy Glam’ collection from Depend Cosmetics – a brand from our neighbour, Sweden. Depend actually has 3 different ranges of polishes: 7day Hybrid, 02 lacquer and regular polish (all of them in cute small 5ml bottles).

Today I am focusing on reviewing the 8-piece collection from 7day line but in the future I 100% see myself trying and comparing their other products. All the polishes in this release are butter soft creams in very fall appropriate shades from a deep charcoal to a mustard yellow.

Casual Chic

We start the collection very strong – with a beautiful creamy grape-purple. I was very impressed how creamy and pigmented this polish formula was, and the application was simply effortless thanks to a wide brush. I absolutely love purple nail polish and this one is great in just 1 coat.

depend 7day cosy glam; casual chic
‘Casual Chic’

Do’s & Don’ts

I guess this polish looks black in my swatch photo, but in reality it is a very deep and charcoal grey shade. It has more softness than a regular black would and looks less stark and super classy on! I won’t be repeating the praises about the gorgeous Depend formula for every shade (as it is super consistent across the collection) and will only say that is was also opaque in 1-2 easy coats and dried down very fast as well πŸ™‚

depend 7day cosy glam; dos & donts
‘Do’s & Don’ts’

Dress code: cool

This forest green is just a treat! Very deep, dusty and glossy green polish that is and captures the essence of fall. I really liked this one and probably don’t own anything even close to this gorgeous green in my collection. And as just a cherry on top: 1 coat opacity πŸ˜‰

depend 7day cosy glam; dress code cool
‘Dress code:cool’

Glammy Sunday

Okey, this mustard polish made me a little shy at first as yellow nails are usually not my jam, but after a while I decided I love it πŸ˜€ It is perfectly tiptoing on the line between yellow and orange bring me all the yummy cozy fall vibes. For this one I have put on 2 coats to ensure that no ridges are visible but it is absolutely expected with a yellow polish.

depend 7day cosy glam; glammy sunday
‘Glammy Sunday’

Make it Stylish

Another a little tricky shade for me – a cool tone, olive brown….unfortunately this did not win me over. Even though the formula was as great as on other shades, and I reached full opacity in 1 coat, I am just not convinced about how this colour looks against my skin tone. I appreciate this shade for what it is as we don’t see browns like this very often, and I think that this might be an absolutely great neutral for some of my deeper skin-tone friends.

‘Make it Stylish

Pretty in Pink

The name suggests a very pinky shade but what we actually see is a great mauve that will be a fall staple for a lot of people. I really enjoy how cozy and muted this shade is, being exactly a perfect autumn pinky nude that I was looking for a while. A very relaxing and soothing shade in just 1 easy coat.

‘Pretty in Pink’

Red makes me smile

The name of this polish is just self-explanatory for this fun pop of colour in an overall muted collection. It is a very vibrant and saturated red that has an incredibly glossy, juicy-looking formula that gives a summer feeling manicure πŸ™‚ This was was opaque in 2 nice coats and made me smile.

depend 7day cosy glam; red makes me smile
‘Red makes me smile’

Relax, just do it

The last polish from the collection is a rich army green that in my opinion pairs great with other shades in this range. I feel that it rounds it very nicely and I know that for many people and olive green is a must in the fall! Formula here was obviously great as well and opaque completely in 2 coats.

depend 7day cosy glam; relax just do it
‘Relax, just do it’

Final thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed those shades as they are appropriate for all the fall moods you can have, ranging from a bright red and mustard, up to a dark charcoal and forest green 😊 ‘Cosy Glam’ release was my first time trying Depend polishes and now I am fully sold on them! The really wide brush makes the application easy and all colours took max 2 coats to opacity. Also the smaller (5ml) bottles make me feel better with purchasing a lot of those lacquers as I can see myself actually finishing some of them up completely in the future and not being so wasteful.

When it comes to favourites from the ‘Cosy Glam’ Depend collection, the purple and forest green are on the top of my list. I like how they added some brighter pops that can help you transition from summer into fall or just be a mood-booster on a gloomy day. However, I would wish that the selection of greens would be slightly different (I am talking especially of the browny-green that could be swapped for eg. a dusty blue or vampy burgundy polish instead).

depend 7day cosy glam

I purchased this collection atΒ Lyko – they carry most of the Depend releases, although as it is a limited edition, it might not be in stock anymore.

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